We help create an identity for the company, from christening the baby to creating the look and feel of the company (logo, identity, communication etc.). After a thorough research and study of the target audience and keywords, we create an identity that will aptly tell the story to be remembered for ages to come.

Your company is not what you see. Rather, it is how your customers perceive it to be. At Qandisa Solutions, we would love to help you get your customers’ perception about your company right.

Website Creation.

A website in this age is the soul of the company. It is responsible for making an organization have global presence and skyrocketing company’s sales locally, nationally and internationally.
Our result driven approach to our client’s goals and problems, helps us provide solutions that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Branding Consultants.

We help companies answer some hard questions, helping them create a path towards their goals and consistently moving in that direction with activities such as marketing, event and PR adhering to their core values at all time. Our laser sharp focus helps organizations express themselves and connect with their audience through powerful storytelling.